Affiliate program

For Golf and Performance


The Performance Center

Established in 2018, we aim to reward our students for what they do anyway; Giving us referrals!

Register to receive a code that your referred uses to reflect back to your account for easy tracking.

You earn lessons in Tier 1 or receive commissions in Tier 2. You choose which you would like to register for.

Tier 1

For every 3 lessons/sessions purchased, the referrer earns 1 (30 minute) lesson/session. 

Tier 2

 Lessons/Sessions Purchased by Referred                          Commission

             1 - 10 lessons                                                                       10%         

             11 - 25 lessons                                                                    15%

             26 - 50 lessons                                                                     25%

The commission will be paid monthly on completed sales.

The affiliate application form is available upon request by emailing;



Markham/Richmond Hill/

Scarborough/Vaughan, ON.


Tel: 647-409-9427

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