Received a swing analysis via V1 and was able to work on recommendations in my own time at my own pace.

Andre from California - May 2018


Being able to access Coach Franz from a distance to correct issues with my golf swing was awesome!

Tony from Florida - October 2019


Train live with us online!

Golf and Performance has always been committed to helping our students and other golf enthusiasts improve their golf game. We cater to your learning style to better help you improve in the long run, not just some quick fix.

With the winter season being unavoidable, some golfers see it as an excuse to pack away their clubs and put off training, which not only makes your golf clubs collect dust, but may also result in set backs with some of the things you may have been working on. 

We have found a way to eliminate this problem: Train LIVE via Skype!

Not only does skype-ing allow one to improve without leaving the comfort of their home, but it also provides efficiency, if you are unable to meet your coach at one of our listed locations.


Coaching via Skype

You're now able to connect with our coaches, and experience our unique style of golf-specific fitness coaching, personalized and tailored to help you improve.

Video Swing Analysis

Upload a video of your swing to us and we'll walk you through it step-by-step.  We'll help you to see, learn, and understand the key points of focus that will immediately help your game the most.

Student Specific Workout Program

We will fully individualize an online golf fitness plan tailored to your own specific swing, goals, and key focus points. You’ll access it directly on your computer or handheld device anywhere in the world, and will be able to work on your improvements much quicker. This is integrated with a Titleist Performance Institute physical screen, applying the Body-Swing Connection.

Contact us for pricing and scheduling and to create a blueprint for your improvement!