"If you learn and practice the proper fundamentals of the golf swing, and are taught the basics of course management, you will generally have the most enjoyment in golf long-term and score lower!"
- Coach Franz -

On-Course Playing Lesson


After you have taken a series of lessons with us, we believe this is the next step! If you have been playing golf for a while and can't lower your scores, this is for you. Swing mechanics do not translate into lower scores if you do not know how to play a golf course.

Average strokes saved (tracked over 5 years) 

100 plus score- 10-15 strokes- 90 plus score- 5-7 strokes- 80 plus score- 3-5 strokes





9  holes at Markham Green -$249 + Greens Fee/Power Cart ($35)

 or 18 holes at Markham Executive Golf Course - $299 includes Greens Fee and Power Cart

  on-course playing lessons


Correct club selection

Understanding distances

Course management

Hole specific strategy

Coping mechanisms

Pre & post-shot routine

On-course time management

How to make the right choices to shoot lower scores

Rule of 80%

Risk-Reward Management

Includes Trouble Shots

How to play out of divots

Tree blind shots

Rough strategy


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Markham Green Golf Club

  group on-course playing lessons

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Take a playing lesson with a friend, colleague, or family member! Save some money while learning and having fun!

1 st player $199, each additional player $149  ( green's fee and power cart additional )

Bushwood Executive 9 hole Golf Course

10905 Reesor Rd, Markham, ON

9 holes   OR   90 mins   $149 plus green fee $18 per junior



A short fun program that is a perfect gift for your 6-12 y/o!


Includes all the fundamentals:


Basic Rules of Golf

Golf Course Etiquette


A lush nine hole course specifically designed to provide a good opportunity for those looking to learn the game. Siblings/friends can play up to a maximum of 4 juniors for an additional $49 each, plus individual green's fee. Registration for your Junior for Future Links DRIVEN by Acura program (Golf Canada's Premier Junior Golf Program) is free!