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There is so much covered and that needs to be covered in a Playing Lesson, that we know you need to come back again and again to cement the fundamentals and to expand your knowledge as you get better. That's why we created the 3 series. As you improve, each playing lesson takes you to the next level with clearly defined skills.

Also this is an excellent value!


Regularly- $249 for 9 holes /120 mins. plus greens fee, the 3 series is value added at only -

$599 (3 lessons- 120 minutes or 9 holes/  plus greens' fees)


BONUS- 2 lessons on one course, 3 rd lesson on another! (determination of the mix between Markham Green and Bushwood made by our Director of Instruction)




"Those who learn and practice the proper fundamentals of the golf swing, and are also taught the basics of course management, generally have the most enjoyment of golf long-term" (and score lower- Coach Franz)


Consider this:

To learn a sport you need to practice within the context of the sport with all its constraints. Where do you practice swimming? Where do you practice tennis? Could you become good at swimming without getting into a pool or tennis without being on a tennis court? With golf the mechanics learnt on the range, must transfer and translate on to a course- hitting a pitch on a golf course and over a bunker is different! Remember we don't play Golf Swing, we play Golf.



Coaching Plan- Playing Lessons- 3 series

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