"The secret is not hitting every shot perfect. The secret is getting the most out of the shots you don’t hit perfect” BEN HOGAN


How often do you play a round of golf and your ball  is in the fairway every shot? 

When you play a bad shot, do you understand the different factors that need to be altered in your swing or stance to then apply probable vs possible to the outcome?

If you do then you already took a playing lesson with us.

Now we delve deeper into how the pros limit losing strokes out of bad situations, and not put your ball 'out of the frying pan into the fire'

60 minutes of comprehensive application, NOT textbook theory,  with our Director of Instruction Coach Franz.


Learn things like:

the 4 iron 150 yard skidder (ball flies 1 inch off the ground)

the no swing, vertical wrist hinge, ball 2 golf balls behing back foot

the chip over tree root into fairway reverse grip 7 iron advancement techinique

the fried egg (not a cooking class)


AND so much more!


Held at Markham Green Championship course - green's fee $31 including power cart, or Bushwood Golf Executive Course green's fee$18 walking  AND you get to complete the 9 holes after the lesson!



Damage Control: from the Scoring Skill Set



    Markham/Richmond Hill/

    Scarborough/Vaughan, ON.


    Tel: 647-409-9427


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