We know that for you to attain success in attaining your goals, an ongoing coaching program that changes as you progress is vital. We include in our signature program monitoring to keep you on track and steer you clear of pitfalls.


VP- Virtual Protocols allows you the flexibilty to work out anywhere and everywhere, with live video streaming or an online app with sets, reps, videos!


Combined value of:

 J2 Power Screen- $49

J2 Strength Screen- $49

 TPI Screen - $179 

Nutrition evaluation and follow ups- $249 (Initial Assesment questionaire/Eating habits questionaire/Body Measurement form (optional and private)

One on One Session x 4 $125@- $500

 Total- $1026 x 3 months = $3078


Instrumental to golf performance is strength, ballsitic/explosive movement and speed, flexibility and mobility, properly trained at the appropriate time. We focus on general movement and strength training prior to you becoming specialised with your golf-focused training for maximized performance! Why strength training first?

Strength Training is the process of getting stronger using a specific set of exercises that cause the body to adapt to gradually increasing loads. This also puts your body Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption - EPOC- which will increase your Basal Metabolic Rate- BMR.


Why is conditioning important?

+ Reduce inflammation. Higher levels of conditioning are anti-inflammatory because they promote greater function of the vagus nerve, one of the body’s best anti-inflammatory pathways.

+ Live longer. Endurance athletes with the best conditioning have been shown to live up to 7+ years longer than sedentary people.

+ Burn body fat. Conditioning increases the number and quality of its fat-burning furnaces, mitochondria, and supports improved body composition.

+ Reduce risk of disease. Aerobic fitness and VO2 max have been shown by countless studies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and other common, deadly diseases.

+ Improve memory. Conditioning can help improve cognition, prevent memory decline and support function in areas of the brain linked to decision-making.


Fitness can be broken down into 10 components, namely strength, speed, power, mobility, stamina, endurance, balance, agility, coordination and accuracy. What makes strength so unique and essential as only one of these components, is that all the other components of fitness are dependent on it, and it hterefore has no equal in its ability to radically improve fitness.

Utilizing J2 Power Benchmarks and TPI screening, each student will have a customized program for development. 45 min sessions (4 per month)

Equipment in the Performance Center includes Nordick Track Treadmill Heavy bag Speed bag Trx Suspension TRX rip trainer Inversion bench Activity balls Medicine balls Slam ball Multi Weight stack machine w triceps/lat bar/rope etc Bench press bench Squat rack 2 Olympic bars and plates Standard bar and plates Landmine training EZ Curl Bar Battle rope Heavy/regular/speed skipping ropes Kettlebells Dumbbells Plyo Jump box Trampoline Ankle stretch Wobble board Stability Discs Tubes and Bands Trigger Point Rollers

Note: Regular exercise is essential for optimum physical health. In addition to playing a large role in prevention, exercise can help address ongoing health issues. The proven benefits of regular exercise include: Lower blood pressure Decreased levels of stress hormones in circulation Decreased body fat Weight loss Improved heart rate and circulation Improved mental acuteness and memory function Improved stamina and endurance Improved flexibility Improved coordination and proprioception Improved muscle mass and bone density Improved immune system

May be done in person or as a virtual program.

NEXT LEVEL FITNESS: 1/1 Coaching- Conditioning



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