Fun and interactive while simulationg an actual round of golf!



Some Topics covered: Rules 101 Course management Hole specific strategy Coping mechanisms Pre & post shot routine Rule of 80%


Consider: To learn a sport you need to practice within the context of the sport with all its constraints. Where do you practice swimming? Where do you practice tennis? Could you become good at swimming without getting into a pool or tennis without being on a tennis court? With golf the mechanics learnt on the range, must transfer and translate on to a course- hitting a pitch on a golf course and over a bunker is different! Remember we don't play Golf Swing, we play Golf.


For all students  after you have taken 'beginner' lessons with us, we believe this in your next step!


Group maximum 4 persons receives: 9 holes coached- 2 1/2 hours at Markham Green Golf Course Greens's fee not included: Markham Green Green's Fee $35 includes power cart ​

Group Playing Lesson- On Course Series



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    Scarborough/Vaughan, ON.


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