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It’s never too late to finally get where you want to go!


In 90 minutes we will analyze your swing, diagnose your tendencies and outline a plan for improvement with details on how to practice. A report will be sent to you after, video and a notes package.


If you have just started out or would like to play high level competitive golf, this is where you start your journey.


Get YOUR blueprint today.

Featured technology:


1. Flightscope/Trackman/GC Hawk

2. V1 Pro Studio/ Swing Catalyst video analysis

3. V1 pressure mat

4. HFR cameras

5. HackMotion wrist analysis

6. Blast Motion Putting with full metric analysis

7. Sportsbox Ai 3D Motion (add-on)

8. K-Motion (at our Lab at Golf6iX)

Designated Lab year round is at Golf6iX- private coaching facility- simulator fee extra.

THE PERFORMANCE LAB - 90 minute Full Assessment

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