Everyone needs help to improve, but we often think we are doing something we are not.


Send in a video of your swing for review to ensure you are practicing properly and not developing any bad habits.


After purchase:

Use either the globally acclaimed V1 Golf app (free iOS or Android)/ Hudl app or simply your phone camera  to film your swing on your smartphone or tablet and send the video direct to our academy.

When your video footage is received it will be personally analyzed and a detailed visual and narrated report will be generated clearly demonstrating the adjustments that will benefit your golf swing.

This can be applied to full shots, chipping, pitching and bunker play. If you can't get to us in person or don't have time to see  us at one of our 5 locations, then the internet allows you to receive quality golf analysis and even intruction online.

The Online Golf Lesson will be generated within 48 hours of payment ready for you to view on your phone, tablet or computer.

Please ensure that if you are using a phone to record the video that it is 'sideways' or landscape orientation when you are recording.


Once either Golf app is installed on your smartphone or tablet we recommend a friend takes 2 videos of your swing (max 10 secs each)

  • View from behind the student looking towards the target. Please record with camera at waist hight and pointing down the line of the grip on the club.

  • A side view facing the golfers chest. Again please use a waist high view at right angles to the target line.

  • Use the instructions below to send your swing for analysis.


Sending a Swing with V1 Golf for iOS

Step 1. Open V1 Golf for iOS on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Login or Select New Account

Step 3. Select the Camera Icon in the upper Right Corner

Step 4. Choose your Capture Method & Record

  • Start/Stop Capture with the Grey/Red button
  • Choose Import to select video from Library

Step 5. Trim Video

  • Tap the Top Video to set the Starting frame
  • Tap the Bottom Video to set the Ending frame
  • Select the Scissor Icon to Trim
  • Review your Swing Video

Step 6. Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send Video
  • Select Your Academy - Golf and Perforamance
  • Assign to Instructor – D. Franz McFayden
  • The video will upload to your selected Academy Instructor

Sending a Swing with V1 Golf for ANDROID

Step 1. Open V1 Golf for Android

Step 2. Select the Locker icon in the upper Left corner

Step 3. Login or Select "Create an Account"

Step 4. Select the Camera Icon from the Main Screen

Step 5. Choose your Capture Method & Record

  • V1 Video Capture (Import)
  • Sony Action Cam

Step 6. Capture your Swing

  • Use the Red/Gray button to Start and Stop Recording
  • Review your Swing Video

Step. 7 Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send (video will transcode)
  • Trim your video by Sliding the Blue handles
  • Select the Scissor Icon to Trim (video will encode

Step. 8 Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send
  • Select Your Academy Instructor – D. Franz McFayden Golf and Performance
  • Select Assign to Instructor or Change Instructor if not Assigned
  • The video will upload to your selected Academy Instructor



Video Swing Analysis- Get a Blueprint!

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