Lessons may be booked between 5 am to 7am !! Conducted wherever you are, at home/cottage, from hotel room while travelling for business, using Skype, Ovoo or FaceTime.


Having an issue getting going in the morning, but you know how much you benefit from starting right? Maybe you lack the time to get to a formal class at the gymn, or you need some early morning motication and inspiration.


Starts with a brief consultation to determine personal goals.


One on one classes for 30 minutes, combining basic focused meditation, stretching/mobility, with the ability to personalise (if you have a yoga mat/foam roller/ stretching pole)


Purchased in blocks of 3, can be utilised once a week, or 3 sessions a week- Fluid to fit your schedule.



VIRTUAL- Early Morning Mobilization

SKU: VM 001


    Markham/Richmond Hill/

    Scarborough/Vaughan, ON.


    Tel: 647-409-9427


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