Winter is the time to work on swing mechanics/fundamentals. However, you can still learn HOW to play a golf course this winter, without having to deal with the inclemency of the weather in a temperature controlled indoor location!


How it works: Lesson cost for 9 holes/90 minutes- $169 plus simulator time for 9 holes aprroximately $25. You can complete the back 9 after the instruction, if you pay for the 18 hole simulator time.  Contact us to add a second person to the lesson for only $99 more.

As with our regular ON COURSE Playing Lessons, you will learn:

Golf Rules 101

Correct club selection

Understanding distances

Course management

Hole specific strategy

Coping mechanisms

Pre & post shot routine

On course time management

How to make the right choices to shoot lower scores

Rule of 80%

Risk-Reward Management


Metro Golf Dome boasts two "Full Swing" golf simulators with over 40 world renowned courses.
Monday to Friday    Simulator time for 18 holes of golf, price per person $30

Saturday / Sunday   Simulator time for 18 holes of golf, price per person $40

WINTER Playing Lessons-INDOORS



    Markham/Richmond Hill/

    Scarborough/Vaughan, ON.


    Tel: 647-409-9427

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