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December 17, 2019


Question: There are a lot of year end sales at Golf Town, and I was told I needed to add hybrids to my bag, but I do not understand what clubs to replace them with.

Thanks in advance, Myron


Answer: Firstly, ensure that you are understanding the purpose of a hybrid and how it benefits a golfer, before you spend money needlessly! (Check with your Coach as to whether you should add them)

I do believe all golfers benefit from having at least one in their set up, but the move to replace 6 to 9 irons with hybrids, I generally only advocate in more senior players. (another blog here with that information) 


A couple of advantages over long irons:

1) Increased trajectory, which generally equals more yardage. 

2) More forgiving with missed hits.

Here is a simple conversion guide for you to use :

18 degree = 2 iron

21 degree = 3 iron

25 degree = 4 iron

30 degree = 5 to 6 iron

35 degree = 7 to 8 iron


Also remember that as with all clubs the shaft is, depending on which study you follow, 80% of a club. So don't just look at a conversion chart and not match it with a shaft that complements your swing speed. In other words, if you have an 80 mph swing with a hybrid, you will want a shaft tht is regualr to senior to help 'kick' that ball up with relative ease.


Hope that helps you.


Coach Franz





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