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Deadlift to Improve Your Golf Game

Muscles used in movement

The king of the golf swing is the glutes. The king of building glute strength is arguably, (by no one ever), the deadlift.

Key areas of the movement to focus on;

  • Do not jerk the weight off the floor or rack. Instead, push the floor away after you develop a high level of full-body tension.

  • Do not let your back go into C-spine (rounding of the back).

  • Keep the bar against your body the entire lift. This maximizes your leverage.

  • Lockout with a powerful glute contraction. Do not hyper extend your lower back, lockout your hips by forcibly contracting your glutes.

  • Remember, the glutes are the king for power and distance, so engage them at the top of the lift.

Additional benefits from the deadlift that enhances your golf game:

  • Building strength and enhance power potential.

  • Developing core strength and rigidity.

  • Injury prevention of lower back.

  • Supporting grip strength.

  • Reducing postural fatigue.

If you are an avid golfer who currently does not have any injuries, it is a good idea to take a proactive approach. Basic strength and conditioning principles in the off season will go a long way to reducing the likelihood that you will have to spend time on the sidelines, or playing through pain. There are of course huge performance benefits. More mobile and powerful swings result in increased club head speed! There are no shortcuts.

Contact us if you would like to learn how to become the longest hitter in your foursome this 2020 season!

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