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Trackman 4, Trackman iO, Flightscope X3, Foresight GC Hawk, V1 Pressure Mat, K-Vest, HackMotion, Swing Catalyst, V1 Video

V1 Pressure Mat

Using state-of-the-art sensor fabric to measure ground pressure in the golf swing, the V1 Pressure Mat measures dynamic force, C.O.P. (centre of pressure), and C.O.P. Velocity.


V1 Golf Swing Analysis

The V1 Golf swing analysis and instruction app aids golfers to perform at their best. Easily capture and review your technique with the golf swing analysis and playback tools. Send your golf swing videos to our coach(s) and receive voice-over video lessons helping you to correct your swing.


Trackman 4 and iO

The tour-trusted Trackman 4 and the indoor-optimized Trackman iO — use patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT) technology to deliver unsurpassed accuracy


SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf focuses on improving your swing speed using counterweights, which concentrates on adding hand and arm speed. It's the perfect way to add up to 30 more yards to your drive! This system will help you increase the speed and power of your golf swing by 5% to 8% in as little as 4 to 6 weeks of regular practice.



Quickly capture lab-quality 3D data anywhere.
Using this data to understand how a golfer moves in 3D space to create their swing.


Hack Motion

The Ultimate tool to master club face control. Hack Motion offers; Extension control mode for learning club-face control; Tour Player ranges; Putting mode for learning consistent putting stroke; and Real-time audio feedback.


GravityFit TPro

Modern life and many types of exercises can weaken the deep muscles of your core. Based on over 30 years of research, the GravityFit TPro and the GravityFit GSuit are revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation tools that strengthen the deep muscles you need to live, heal and perform at your peak.


Foresight GC Hawk

With its massive ball-capture range, the GCHawk allows players of both right and left handedness to hit shots with absolute confidence that performance was precisely measured. And just like its GC2 and GCQuad predeccesors, the GCHawk captures shots from every stick in the bag - from the driver to the putter - for a complete, true-to-life game experience


Flightscope X3

The 3D Doppler radar automatically records and clips a video of your swing with a data overlay. This technology is phenomenal and recommended for golf enthusiasts looking to lower their scores, or students looking to improve key performance for tournaments. When working on technical or foundational swing changes, movement technology enables pinpoint coaching feedback.



Decade combines shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics to create a simple way to optimize target selection. It enables you to see exactly what is holding you back from scoring lower.


Blast Motion

Blast Motion words for all your dedicated putting metrics and short game analyses.

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