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Private Coaching: 30 minutes

  • Junior(s): $85 


  • Video analysis

  • Flightscope Tech where applicable

Additional siblings discount of 10% (in a semi-private lesson)

HST is added to all fees

Junior Academy

Our Junior Academy uses the

Operation 36® Development Model, and US Kids Golf model which centers around playing golf. The goal is to help your junior shoot par (36), or better, for 9 holes.


Additional information.

Private Coaching: Junior Series

      1 lesson: 50 minutes: $105

  • 3 series; 50 minutes; $299

  • 5 series; 50 minutes; $475

  • 10 series; 50 mins; $879

  • 20 series;50 mins; $1599

Additional siblings discount of 50% off (in a semi-private lesson- 60 minutes)


  • Video Analysis ​

  • Flightscope Tech where applicable

  • Lesson notes package

HST is added to all fees

Club Rentals

We have club rentals (for lessons) available for;

  • Men

  • Women

  • Juniors of all ages

$15 per lesson, per person

On-course Playing Lesson(s)

At Markham Executive Golf Course

9 holes:

At Markham Green

9 holes or 90 minutes:

  • Junior (6-12 yr old): $179 

  • Green's Fee: Junior $29 (walking)​

Comprises of:

  • Basic Rules of Golf

  • Golf Course Etiquette

Additional juniors (for a group lesson): $99 each (minimum 3 - maximum 4)

Junior Competitive Skills Development

Designed to help further the skills of juniors interested in competitive golfing. Includes TPI assessment and access to exercise protocols, book recommendations, and tournament schedule assistance. 

Academy Program

Level 1 (beginner competitor):

  • $969

  • 10 x 50 minute lessons (1 per week)

  • 1 group or paired session*

  • Trackman Combine Testing****

Level 2 (intermediate competitor):

  • $1799

  • 20 x 90-minute lessons (up to 2 per week)

  • 1 group or paired session a month*

  • 1-1 hour playing lesson**

  • 1 Lab session a month***

  • Trackman Combine Testing****

Level 2- AA (All Access)

  • $3499

  • 38 x 90- minute lessons

  • 1 pre- tournament prep round**

  • 1 group or paired session a month*

  • 1-1 hour playing lesson**

  • 1 Lab session a month***

  • Trackman Combine Testing****

Level 3 (advanced competitor)

  • By invitation/qualification only

  • $3499 

  • 35 x 90-minute lessons (3 per week)

  • 2 group or paired sessions a month*

  • 2-1 hour playing lessons**

  • 2 Lab sessions a month***

  • Trackman Combine Testing****

*      Coach determined

**    Greens fee extra

***   Simulator fee/mat time extra

**** Trackman LM fee extra

Facility teaching fees extra

Follow our Director of Competition on Instagram @coach.franz


  1. Fees for mat time, simulator time, bucket(s) of balls, or green fees are charged and payable to the facilities for each lesson, not Golf and Performance.

  2. Pictures and/or videos taken during a lesson may be utilized on social media - please indicate if you do not want to permit this.

  3. Markham Dome Teaching Fee is not included in lessons purchased

  4. Lessons are valid for 2 years from purchase and then converted to a dollar amount credit.

  5. Any refunds issued are subject to a deduction of any processing fee.

  6. No refunds on lessons are given after 30 days, only lesson credits, no exceptions.


Waiver and Liability Release (regarding lessons):

I am fully aware of the risk(s) associated with golf/golf lessons, including the possible reckless conduct of other participants. I agree to and accept any and all inherent risks of property damage, personal injury, or death. This waiver shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario, and no other jurisdiction.


If for any reason you are unable to attend your lesson, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required via phone call.

Without sufficient notice, we not only lose your business but the business of potential clients who could have benefited from your scheduled lesson time.

Any and all cancellations made less than 24-hours prior to your scheduled lesson will result in a loss of the paid lesson time or a non – refundable $45 cancellation fee.

We appreciate your understanding in advance.


It is imperative for everyone who attends lessons to obey the rules, regulations, and protocols that are established due to Covid-19, which include but not be limited to:​​

  1. Wear a face mask at all times

  2. Wherever possible, maintain social distancing

  3. Wash/sanitize hands frequently/whenever possible​

Golf and Performance take no responsibility for the risk(s) associated with the COVID-19 virus. We advise that under the following circumstances, do not attend your lesson(s) if:​

  1. You or anyone in your household has tested positive for the virus

  2. You or anyone in your household has experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms 

  3. You or anyone in your household has traveled outside of the country within the last 14 days

​Only after being cleared and having quarantined for 14 days should you resume lessons. Contact us immediately if you have tested positive after attending a lesson.

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