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Meet the Team

Coach D. Franz McFayden
Director of Golf
Golf and Performance

D. Franz McFayden is the founder and head teaching professional of Golf and Performance. A former corporate commercial attorney (with his own firm for 13 years) and former Director of Golf at Markham Executive Golf Course and Country Club for 3 years. Coach Franz brings a wealth of experience to this role, with 30+ years of experience in multiple sports highlighted by competitive international-level experience in several (with numerous wins and awards). Specializing in peak performance mental coaching for high-performance athletes, short game/wedge play scoring, on-course high-performance strategies, and detailed video and biomechanical analysis profiles through his Performance Lab for high-level recreational and competitive players. 

Coach Franz has invested heavily in his golfing education, accreditations and associations, learning from some of the best in the industry.  Additionally he has been trained by esteemed PGA Tour coaches and has himself coached winners in multiple sports. In golf he has coached: Junior medal winners- boys and girls (starting at age 6), Junior Club Champions, Club League Champions, successful Mini-tour players and a 73 year old Senior Men's Club Champion.


Coach Franz leads by example and has collected several wins in his golf career.

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The V1 Content Team Interacts with Nearly 
One Million Golfers in the V1 Network


Llb (Hons), CGC trained PGA of Canada, PGA of America (ADM), International PGA, Scott Cowx Certified 9.0 (Advanced Instructor), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)  L1//J2//G2 Certified, TPI Advanced 3D: Bio-Mechanics of Golf, TPI Strength and Power Training for Golf, Golf Engineer (GE L1), Sportsbox 3D Golf Level 1 Certified, Boditrak Certifed Golf Ground Mechanics, Swing Catalyst Certified (L2), V1 Pro Certification (P1), V1 Pressure Mat Certified, Operation 36 Certified Coach, U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach 2, NCCP Coach, Golf Canada Future Links Coach, Professional Diploma Sports and Exercise Nutrition (EQF 1), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified GC Quad Technologist, Flightscope Professional, Trackman University, World Handicap System Certified, KZG certified Club Fitter, CAPTO -Precision Putting Technology (b), Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS- NASM), HackMotion Golf Beta Tester, Coaching Association of Ontario (BIPOC Mentor), Smart2Move (Dual Force Plates Level1 Certificate), NeuroTracker Academy (Cert. A), Tour Read Golf Certified Coach,

Analytics, Law, and Athlete Representation Certificate,

2023 World's Top 100 Clubfitters

Pilot Certificate – sRPA  (VLOS)Basic operations

Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)-FAA: USA

DPAC Safety Certificate


Focus Statement

"If you can't explain it, you don't understand it well enough"

- Albert Einstein -

Titleist Performance Institute 

"If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, a TPI Certification should be mandatory"

- Butch Harmon -

Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Instructor

NCCP Philosophy

"Coaching is about helping others to improve, and achieve their goals in and through sport"

Darien McFayden

Junior Competitive Development Coach Assistant //

Administrative Assistant

As one of Golf and Performance's own elite-level students, Darien McFayden has a tremendous passion for golf and aspires to achieve greatness with patience and commitment to practice. He has been no.1 in Golf Canada's Future Links Driven by ACURA Skills Events (Ontario) in his age division (2016), as well as no.1 in Chipping in Ontario (2017).  2nd at National Finals 2019 (Golf Canada Future Links Driven by Acura)  He has partnered with Coach Franz to win several Father/son events  

He currently competes in local mini-tours and qualifiers with an eye to competing on the PGA Tour.

Certified U.S. Kids Golf Coach and  Operation36 Golf Coach and Level 1 Rules of Golf (Golf Canada) certification and is a member of Golf Canada and the US Golf Association.

        1 hole in one/ 1.2 Low Index
CJGA Amateur Men's Division 2023
Golftec National Order of Merit Rank #1

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Credentials/ Highlights:

Junior Club Champion 2018 and 2019 Bushwood Golf Club, 2nd at National Finals 2019 (Golf Canada Future Links Driven by Acura),  Golf Canada Junior Skills #1 in  Ontario in 2020 and T5 in Ontario 2021, US Kids Golf Certified Coach, V1 Pro Certified (P1), Operation 36 Certified Coach, NCCP Coach, GP L1 Certified Golf Coach, Smart2Move (Dual Force Plates Level1 Certificate),  NeuroTracker Academy (Cert. A)

2023 Season Highlights: 

9th, 6th, T4, T3, (3) 2nds, (2)1st 

2023 CJGA Amateur Tour

Scoring Avg 73 (+1)

(2) 2nds, (2) 1st

CJGA Amateur Men's Division

Golftec National Order of Merit 2023

Rank in Canada:  #1

Anthony McFayden

Director of Instruction – Florida Division

Residing primarily in Florida, Anthony McFayden has been involved with golf for over 30 years. Formerly coaching judo and swimming, he brings years of knowledge, expertise, and application to the team. Along with a simplistic approach to the golf swing and the motto 'Less is better ', Anthony obtains results in his students in a relaxed, no-pressure teaching environment.

He is our Coach Emeritus, the genesis of 3 generations of Golf addiction!


BSc(Econ), FLMI, CLU, USGA member, Golf Canada member, 

3 hole-in-ones
low score 68
Jeffrey Davis
Juniors' Program Coach

Former semi-pro lacrosse player Jeffery Davis is passionate about all things golf. He is an excellent player and loves to challenge students in their journey to becoming pro-golfers. As a certified nurse and dementia patient specialist, his dedication and attention to detail allow his caring nature to shine through when he teaches our junior students. 


RN, BScN, MN (Masters), R & A Level 1 Rules Certified, GC Quad Technologist, US Kids Golf Certified Coach, NCCP Coach, World Handicap System Certified, Canadian Golf Teachers Federation (CGTF- Associate Professional), GP L1 Certified Golf Coach, Swing Catalyst L1 Certifed 

Sandy Levy- Performance Prehab 

Golf Fitness Coach

Sandy has been helping clients with functional performance for decades. He has previously coached Juniors in archery and tennis and is now fully immersed in golf.​


Golf Fitness Specialist Certified (GFS-NASM), Titleist Performance Institute: L1 / Medical 2, GP L1 Certified Golf Coach, Advanced Myo-Fascial Release, Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ Assessment & Treatment, PRI-T (Postural Restoration Institute), Kinesiology Taping, Yoga Fitness YTT, Theragun Performance Specialist, Internationally Accredited Diploma Certificate in Fitness (P), FitGolf Affiliate Accredited, Registered Massage Therapist,

Jack Neiman

Assistant Coach- Head Camp Counsellor

2019/2020 Bill Hogarth SS golf team captain, Jack Neiman, has been playing golf since the age of 8. He is an alumnus amongst our team and strives to score lower each season. He has been the president of his athletic club, worked with special needs students, and has a plethora of other clubs and volunteer experience under his belt. He has also previously worked with the junior summer camps at Bushwood Golf Club, and is our Head Camp Counsellor  

NCCP Coach, R & A Level 1 Rules Certified

Sav Musto

Coach/ Camp Counsellor

Former Soccer  Coach and 2022 Coach of the Newmarket Redbirds Lacrosse program, Sav is a student-athlete formerly at Bill  Crothers High  School.

Sav was also the goalkeeper for the Markham Soccer Club's 2005 team and is a goaltender for the Newmarket Redbirds U19 Lacrosse Team.

Sav is now focused on being a professional lacrosse player. After attending 'The Hill' Lacrosse Academy, Sav is now committed to SFU 2024!


NCCP Coach


Jaylen  Chen

Camp Assistant

One of Golf and Performance Junior Development Program golfers, Jaylen is the 2022 winner of his High School Titan award for Golf. Given for a combination of hard work and sportsmanship. Currently competing in Junior tour events, where he has already in his first year had several top-five finishes, including three 3rd place finishes.

** Fluent in Cantonese- assists in lesson translations**


3rd place CJGA at Bushwood 

4th place CJGA National Linkster at Nottowasega 


Josh Wang

Camp Assistant

Another of the Golf and Performance Junior Development Program golfers, Josh started competing in 2022 and had several top 10s and a 3rd place finish.


Josh has competed in basketball and played hockey. 

He is also on his way this year to RCM Level 10 in piano, and speaks English, French, Mandarin and Spanish

UPDATE May/July 2023:

1st Place CJGA Linkster at Markham Executive (lowest overall tournament score)

 2nd place CJGA Linkster at Oakville Executive

1st place CJGA Linskster at Carrickmacross (playoff victory) 

1st place CJGA Linskster at Bathurst Glen

1st Place MJT Century Pines (74/73)


Morgan Levy

Camp Assistant

Previously working at Karma Cares as a Junior Counsellor for Special Needs kids:
1.    Helped to lead and implement camp programs
2.    Provided high-quality educational and recreational opportunities and enjoyable experiences for camp participants.
3.    Supervised campers to ensure their safety, development, growth, skill achievement, and general well-being.

Multi-talented, doing vocals and playing Bass Guitar, Morgan is a self-professed Science Viking.

Morgan's enthusiastic personality and interpersonal skills make her a great addition to the Golf and Performance team.

Stefan Apostolovski

Advisory Team Director

Stefan Apostolovski is instrumental in providing feedback on programs and initiatives. He has been playing golf for three years and is currently pursuing a certification in internal auditing, as well as risk management assurance.

NCCP Coach, Certified GC Quad Technologist
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