Meet our team

D. Franz McFayden

Llb (Hons), Titleist Performance Institute  L1 and J2  Certified,  U.S. Kids Golf  Certified Coach, CGC trained PGA of Canada,

International PGA,  NCCP Coach, Golf Canada Future Links Coach,

Professional Diploma Sports and Exercise Nutrition (EQF 1),

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Certified GC Quad Technologist , World Handicap System Certified

SuperSpeed Golf Certified L1/L2, Gravity Fit Certified Coach

Coach D. Franz McFayden
Director of Golf

Golf and Performance was born out of a desire to make golf instruction about the students’ learning abilities and natural bio-mechanics to make their golf swing functional, so they can play their best golf and obtain what they truly want to achieve. Starting with health and wellness, I wanted people to have fun in learning while being healthy.


As a coach with 30 years of experience in many disciplines, I take a 'wholistic' approach when working with others. I have had the benefit of actively competing in multiple sports at an international level, as well as coaching many of those same sports. This has taught me balance, which is ultimately what I hope to have you achieve.


I am diligent in ensuring that my students receive advice on golf-specific and general conditioning through multiple forms of functional movement training (battle ropes, kettlebells, HIIT and TRX Suspension/RIP Training, Olympic Weightlifting protocols, etc), and am committed to continuously improving my own skills and knowledge, because of my tremendous passion for the game.


Coaching all aspects of the game including Peak Performance Mental Coaching for high performance athletes and specializing in the Short Game/Wedge play for scoring!

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Focus Statement

"If you can't explain it, you don't understand it well enough"

- Albert Einstein -

TPI 1/J2 Certified

"If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, a TPI Certification should be mandatory"

- Butch Harmon -

Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Instructor

NCCP Philosophy

"Coaching is about helping others to improve, and achieve their goals in and through sport"

Darien McFayden

  Junior Club Champion

2018 AND 2019 Bushwood Golf Club

  Placed 2nd. at National Finals 2019 (Golf Canada Future Links Driven by Acura)

US Kids Golf Certified Coach

NCCP Coach

BSc(Econ), FLMI, CLU

Member USGA, Golf Canada

THREE holes in one! Low score 68


RN, BScN, MN (Masters)

R & A Level 1 Rules Certified

Certified GC Quad Technologist

US Kids Golf Certified Coach

NCCP Coach

World Handicap System Certified

Junior Programs Coach

Darien McFayden, one of Golf and Performances' own students, has a tremendous passion for the game and aspires to achieve greatness with patience and an extraordinary commitment to practice.


He was number 1 in Golf Canada's Future Links Driven by ACURA Skills Events in Ontario in his age division (2016), as well as number 1 in chipping in Ontario (2017). After again being No 1 in Ontario in 2018/2019 and No.3 in Canada,  Darien placed 2nd in Canada at the Future Links National Finals (31 finalists from over 3,000 participants from 160 events Canada wide). held at the prestigious Magna Golf Club and also competed in the Golf Canada Junior Open.

Darien currently competes in local tours and  Golf Association of Ontario qualifiers and has also qualified through to the sub-regional qualifier of the Drive Chip and Putt event.

He is U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach, and has also completed his Level 1 in Rules of Golf, Golf Canada certification and is Golf Canada member and a United States Golf Association member.


Darien is now joining the team to assist our younger players in our junior development program, bringing the youthful exuberance he is known for.

Coach Anthony

Director of Instruction – Florida

Residing primarily in Florida (beside the third tee box of a championship golf course), Coach Anthony has been involved with golf for over 30 years. Formerly coaching judo and swimming, Anthony brings years of knowledge, expertise, and application in three different countries. Along with a very simplistic approach to the golf swing, and a motto of 'Less is better', Anthony obtains results in his students in a much needed relaxed, non-pressure teaching environment.


Additionally, Coach Anthony has been a runner all his life and is an avid yoga practitioner. He has played soccer, badminton and has received medals/trophies in both swimming and a number of judo competitions. It's safe to say that Coach Anthony is a lifelong advocate of a healthy lifestyle.

Coach Jeffrey

Director of Junior Programs

Former semi-pro lacrosse player Jeffery Davis is quite frankly a 'golf nut', passionate about all things golf,  Continuing his competition life, now in golf, he is an excellent player, loving to challenge students in their quests to be elite golfers.


Jeffrey brings the dedication it takes to be an elite level athlete to his approach to instruction. Meticulous to a fault, students will enjoy his keen eye for the intricacies of the game. 

A certified Nurse specializing in working with dementia patients gives you insight to his caring nature. He absolutely loves sushi and his animals - 4 Gekkos, 2 Caiques and 1 Cockatiel.

Jack Neiman

Head Camp  Counsellor

2019/ 2020 Bill Hogarth SS Golf team Captain, winning the character and MVP awards and having the distinction of being the first student from his high school to make the finals of York Region High School competition in 2020.


President of the Athletic Club and working with Special Needs students is just the start of his long list of activities.

Part of: Robotics Team, Math Club, Outdoors Club, Eco Club, Grade 10 track and Field Captain, VP Computer Club. The list goes on as Jack doesn't seem to sleep as he also volunteered at Markham Stoufville Hospital Intensive Care and In[patient Surgery with 100 plus hours.


Playing golf since the age of 8, Jack is an alumni of Golf and Performance and strives to score lower each season. He has worked with the Junior Summer Camps at Bushwood Golf Club previously.

NCCP Coach
R & A Level 1 Rules Certified
Club Fitter Jonathan (Jack) Reagle

Master Cub Fitter

Jack Reagle is a member of the Professional Club-maker Society and a Master Club-builder & Fitter. 


Jack has been a staple in the Inverness (Hernando, Florida) area for over three decades.


He runs weekend mini-tournaments year round and aids both adults and juniors in getting the correct equipment for success.

He is a tremendous repository of knowledge in all things golf!

Certified "Class A" Clubmaker

Claire [of Claire Creations]

Website Designer

Claire's  primary responsibility is providing website design and marketing promotions for Golf and Performance.


Preferring to always stay in the background and being always incredibly busy organizing everything, her 'critical eye' is indispensable.


Being able to juggle many responsibilities makes her an incredible asset to the team!

NCCP Coach
Certified GC Quad Technologist
Stefan Apostolovski
Director Advisory Team
Stefan is instrumental in providing feedback on programs and initiatives for us. His main occupation is as an Internal Audit and Governance Tester for the 5 biggest Canadian banks. He's been playing golf for 3 years and has a Bachelors Degree in Business from York University and a certification in Risk Management. Currently, Stefan is pursuing a certification in Internal Auditing and a certificating in Risk Management Assurance. 
Stefan's favourite golfers include Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, and his current favourite club brand is Taylormade. Augusta is his dream course, but you can find him playing frequently at Deer Creek, Mill Run, and Watsons Glen.
For 2021, Stefan is looking to achieve a handicap of 12 (from his current handicap of 19), and is working on his speed, strength, mental game, and short game.

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Last completed:


  • AIMPOINT EXPRESS- Green-Reading Fundamentals

  • SUPERSPEED GOLF- L1/ L2 -  ground force mechanics and junior speed development

  • FLIGHTSCOPE Professional Course

  • BODITRAK-  Golf Ground Mechanics Introduction Course


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - 1.Mental Toughness 2. Navigating Diets

  • FORESIGHT PEAK PROFESSIONAL TRAINING LEVEL 1- Foresight GC Technologist Status- advanced club and ball data analysis, software operation ///// BASIC WEDGE PLAY - Short game expert James Ridyard //////// ASSESSING AND IMPROVING YOUR PLAYERS- Martin Hall

  • GOLF LAB UNIVERSITY -  1.Coaching the Club Golfer // 2. Intro to Center of Gravity // 3. Single Plate Torque Forces // 4. Part 1- Fundamentals of Putting with Gareth Raflewski!

  • DTS  Fitness Education- Bag Work Basics

  • DTS Fitness Education - Novice Cardio Respiratory Program

  • Girls Gone Strong- How to Help Female Clients With Body Image, Unrealistic Expectations, and The Comparison Trap Course

  • Positive Coaching Alliance's Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

  • Precision Nutrition- Exercise and Sport Nutrition Coaching Course

  • Headstart Pro Performance Training for Pro-Athletes- pertains to athletes in the Learn-to-Train, Train-to-Train, and Train-to-Compete stages of the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD)

  • Changing the Game-Mentorship - Coaches Association of Ontario-National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) module- Pre-requisite for the program of mentoring for the support of women in coaching

  • Keeping Girls in Sports- Canadian Tire's Jumpstart Charity- Respect Group

  • Golf Canada- Respect in Sport for Parents

  • The Science of Extraordinary Performance-  Steven Kotler (Co-founder/Director of Research at The Flow Genome Project)

  • Coaching Athletes with a Disability- (NCCP) Provides coaches the knowledge to deliver quality positive  sports experiences for athletes, specifically with behavioral, intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities.

Currently enrolled in:

  • McMaster UniversityHacking Exercise For Health.The surprising new science of fitness

  • University of Florida - Science of Training Young Athletes (Dr. Christine Brooks (coordinates the coaching science education for USA Track and Field)

  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Certification (Associate) American Board of NLP Certified 

  • Achieving Ultimate Human Performance- (Instructed by Ben Greenfield)

  • Community Golf Coach trained PGA of Canada ( in partnership with Golf Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada)

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certified

  • Titleist Performance Institute Junior 2 Certified

  • U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach

  • NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Golf Coach. (modules include Sports Nutrition,  Safe Sport Making Ethical Decisions, Coaching Athletes with a Disability)

  • Inclusive Fitness Training Certification- The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, ( NCPAD-part of the Department of Disability and Human Development in the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago )

  • United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee/USA Weightlifting - Strength Training for Performance

  • United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee/Nike/The Aspen Institute Project Play - How to Coach Kids 

  • Tour Roll Putting Certified

  • Professional Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition- EQF Level 1

  • Motor Learning Certification

  • Golf Canada Rules Education Program Level 1 Certified (Level 2 certification in progress)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (with focus on nutrition and health) CPT-NCAA


Accreditations and Associations

  • International PGA 

  • Golf Psychology Certificate

  • Golf Psychology- Mental Performance {The Psychological Characteristics for Developing Excellence (PCDEs)}

  • Yoga 101 (An emphasis on the development of strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, and concentration is a perfect complement to golf)

  • Foresight GC Technologist- approved in GC technology, software operation, advanced club and ball data analysis

  • TRX suspension training/TRX RIP training for golf and general conditioning

  • Instructor & Trainer in First Aid and CPR (working with organizations such as Red Cross of Canada, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, F.A.S.T. Rescue & Lifesaver 101

  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) certificate

  • Coaches Association of Ontario member

  • Golf Canada Member

  • USGA member

  • USKG Club member