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Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy

Junior Competitive Skills Development

The Road to Competitive Junior Golfing Success


This program in three stages will require your junior golfer to commit to the long-term competitive golf life. The aim is to assist players in developing their own unique blueprints to success with a range of training activities specially designed for each stage of their golf progression. Too many aspiring junior golfers are not optimizing their practices, which results in little to no success.

We align with:

  1. Golf Canada's Long-Term Player Development (LTPD 2.0) guide for golf, which focuses on developing the “whole” golfer instead of exclusively on technical golf skills.

  2. The Future Links Driven by Honda program.  

  3. Titleist Performance Institute Junior 2 Program. The TPI philosophy focuses on developing the junior athlete, teaching golf specific skills, and creating a long term love of the game.

All juniors joining our program must first undergo a TPI screening and a "junior combine assessment" for us to specifically tailor the right program for you.


Intended for juniors who would like to start exploring the world of competitive golf. Their involvement in this program will be in a non-pressured environment while developing the skills necessary to succeed, both in golf and generally.


Intended for junior golfers who are transitioning into greater structure and are being exposed to more of the complex fundamentals of the competitive skill set (to undertake tournament golf).

ADVANCED -AC/EDP (Elite Development Program)

For junior golfers who have determined that they see a future in serious golf and want to move forward to regional/national/college level and beyond. Increasing the level of intensity, the goal is to extract the full potential of your junior with process, focus and a comprehensive training regime. This year-long program utilizes tools to baseline your junior vs age correlated accepted standards/statistics, and incorporate aspects of sports psychology to train the winning mindset. 


NOTE: The AC/EDP level is by qualification/invitation only.

All three phases of development are employed over the winter/summer season, specific to the individual junior golfer.

  • Phase 1: Strength and conditioning/Block practice

  • Phase 2: Speed development/ interlevel practice

  • Phase 3: Playing skillset - 30/50/70/90 yard

General Age Guidelines:

  • Beginner Competitor: Under 12 

  • Intermediate Competitor: 12 to 15

  • Advanced Competitor: 15 to 18

All 3 Stages Include: