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Designed to help further the skills of juniors interested in competitive golfing. We provide advice on tournaments and tours suitable for students enrolled. ⛳️

This program offers specialized instruction tailored to the individual needs of aspiring junior golfers.

Coach Note:

“It's important to TRAIN to


In practice our juniors build their SELF-EFFICACY- a KNOWING that they can perform a skill at a certain level. For each area of the game we create practice games/ skill frameworks and testing, that fuel them to shoot lower scores in tournaments”


Part of our Junior Golf Academy Program


Level 1 (beginner competitor):


Level 2 (intermediate competitor):


Level 3 (advanced competitor)


Summer: Course Memberships and Greens' fees for playing lessons are not included.

Winter: Mat times and simulator fees not included.


Monthly group trainings or supervised practices (level dependent) may be scheduled- (included)- attendance not mandatory, but highly recommended.

JCSD-Junior Competitive Skills Development L1/L2/L2:AA/L3

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