"Those who learn and practice the proper fundamentals of the golf swing, and are also taught the basics of course management, generally have the most enjoyment of golf long-term" (and score lower- Coach Franz)


Consider this:

To learn a sport you need to practice within the context of the sport with all its constraints. Where do you practice swimming? Where do you practice tennis? Could you become good at swimming without getting into a pool or tennis without being on a tennis court? With golf the mechanics learnt on the range, must transfer and translate on to a course- hitting a pitch on a golf course and over a bunker is different! Remember we don't play Golf Swing, we play Golf.


After you have taken a series of lessons with us, we believe this in the next step! If you have been playing golf for awhile and can't lower your scores this is the next step!


Average shots saved (tracked over 4 years) 100 plus score- 10-15 shots- 90 plus score- 5-7 shots 


Swing mechanics do not translate into lower scores if you do not know how to play a golf course.


With this purchase you will receive:

9 holes - or - 2 1/2 hours at Markham Green Championship Golf Course

(Follow up on course playing lessons within the same golf season are 20% off)

Green's Fee of $31 per person (includes power cart ) is  payable at the course



 9 holes- or- 2 1/2 hours at Bushwood Championship Golf Course

Green's Fee dependent on time of day booking- payable at the course-


Elements for success:

Correct club selection

Understanding distances

Course management

Hole specific strategy

Coping mechanisms

Pre & post shot routine

On course time management

How to make the right choices to shoot lower scores

Rule of 80%

Risk-Reward Management

Shot Difficulty Matrix


Includes Trouble Shots-

How to play out of divots

Tree blind shots

Rough strategy



NOTE: you can book your corporate events with us too!


On Course Playing Lesson

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