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Golf is not complicated; it’s just mastering your skills to the level of score that you are hoping to achieve.



More than just information: Through a series of on course instruction with one of our coaches you will also learn about mastering Balance, Tempo and Tension and on placing your mind and attention in a useful place before, during and after a shot , the importance of body language and how to benefit from enjoying being outside playing the game of golf.



9 holes at Markham Green -$269 + Greens Fee/Power Cart $39 not included) JUNIOR 6-12 yrs- 9 holes/ 60 mins max $179 - Green's Fee not included ​


Group Playing Lessons $199@ up to 3 golfers


9 holes at Upper U by invite only- $299 - green’s fee included/ cart not included


Four hour golf course $399 plus 2 green fees.


On-course playing lessons comprises: Correct club selection Understanding distances Course management Hole specific strategy Coping mechanisms Pre & post-shot routine On-course time management How to make the right choices to shoot lower scores Rule of 80% Risk-Reward Management ​ Includes Trouble Shots How to play out of divots Tree blind shots Rough strategy

On Course Playing Lesson

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