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4 week plan to break 100- it's about time you do, and we can help! This program can be customized for you if you need to break 90 or break 80!

Finally a structured program with a definite end result. We have taken all the guess work out of the equation for you.


Includes Titleist Performance Institute Physical Assessment (reg $249)

Includes our Field Notes Package - (Field notes link reg $79)

Back to Basics
Week 1- 90 minutes
Week 1 is all about Back to Basics. From Driving, to Irons, to Putting, we're going to create a foundation for success!
Posture & Balance - Setting a Foundation

Swing Concept, Club Face & Path

Driving, Chipping, Putting - Learn the Proper Techniques To Gain Consistency

Iron vs Driver
Week 2 - 90 minutes
In Week 2 you're going to learn the correct setup, ball position and swing path for both Driver and Irons. You're going to love your new ball flight!
Iron Striking - Concept & Ball Striking

Driver - Concept & Practice

Putting - Proper Practice and Drills

Driver - Weight Shift & Hip Turn

Pitching - Proper Swing & Control

Hybrids & Fairway Woods
Week 3 - 90 minutes
Technique - Hybrids and Fairways

Playing Out of the Rough

FULL Recap of weeks 1 and 2

On Course Playing Lesson
Week 4 - 120 minutes
Establish a solid pre-shot routine to help produce more consistency. How to perform on the golf course and the finishing touches to break 100!
Rules 101- Etiquette 101
Establish the Routine

Ball Above Feet - Learn Proper Technique

Ball Below Feet - Learn Proper Technique

Where to tee off from

Shot Selection

Shots out of a divot

Chipping - Coming Out of the Trees

Putting- green reading


Includes the MUST HAVE- Shot Difficulty Matrix included

Individually all these components would be $805- value added TPI assessment $249- Field Notes $79 - Total $1133 value- G and P member price $575 

(Balls/Green's fee not included)


A structured program with awesome instruction plus awesome price = winning combination!

4 week Coaching Plan to Break 100

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