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IMPROVE in THE SCORING ZONE with Coach Franz - short game skills specialized coach 75 minutes


Develop the understanding of extreme skills to apply to a myriad of situations. Push the boundaries!!


' If I want you to putt better, I must first teach you how to get it closer!'- Coach Franz


You're now at a crossroads with your golf game, and have a decision to make.... You can continue struggling with your consistency, as well as throwing away countless strokes on and around the greens with shanks/yips/sculls...


FACT: 80% of shots golfers lose to par are within 100 yards of the hole. So if you

1. Often chunk chip shots

2. Fat and thin pitch shots

3. Leave balls in bunkers sometimes or hit the ball way over the green...then you can save a bunch of shots every round


Take our SHORT GAME CLINIC from the Scoring Zone series


Starts with our Red Zone short game assessment to precisely diagnose what your actual prescription for improvement needs to be- we assess, not guess!

1.Back to Basics- Contact- re-establishing your LOW POINT with CR

2. Pitching vs Chipping

3. Dialing in those wedges- which/when/how to be laser sharp- learn the basics of spin production- grain and turf interaction- using the bounce correctly

4. Bunker play 911 - Fried Eggs will be served 🤔

5. Putting 101- low fruit 🍎


65% of your shots will be from 100 yards in- now is the time to learn the proper way to train to score better! 

SHORT GAME SERIES- Wedges- the Scoring Zone

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