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 2,000+ students // 20,000+ lessons since 2015
adults+Juniors// beginners/mini-tour/Pro golfers

About Us

Award-winning Golf and Performance was born out of a desire to make golf instruction about the students’ learning abilities and natural biomechanics in order to make their golf swing functional. We use current teaching technology to help golfers of all abilities improve. We are committed to growth, development, and our students having fun in an inclusive environment while learning, as we aim to break away from old and uninspired teaching methods. We encourage our students to ask insightful questions, explore boundaries, and disrupt conventional ways of thinking (such as knowing the "why" behind the "how"), while being provided with a clear and measurable pathway for improvement.

We host Golf Canada Junior Skills Challenge events, (through Canada's national junior golf program), a joint initiative with Golf Canada, Sports Canada and the Professional Golf Association of Canada (PGA).

We coach adults and juniors starting at 4 years old to Junior Elite players, beginners and experienced, recreational and competitive to Mini-Tour and Professional Golfers, and will have you practicing with a purpose by learning to trust your swing. We integrate our On-Course Development Model (OCDM) into every coaching plan to get you playing without frustration.




CJGA Academies' Results- Top 10

Congratulations Team Golf and Performance Junior Academy- Top 10 in our first year of participation in The CJGA Academies program, out of 44 Academies- a stellar achievement!



Highlight Achievement

Congratulations Darien
CJGA Amateur Tour GolfTec Order of Merit Rank #1
Scoring Avg 73, 7.5 rounds, (2) 2nds, (2) 1sts- 16 Birdies

Thanks to all his sponsors:
Wave Golf Company
Sundog Eyewear
Performance Prehab
Golf 19
Gonsalves Homes
Markham Executive Golf Course
Atlas Golf Gloves
LPS Athletic



Junior Highlight:
Josh Wang

1st Place CJGA Linkster at Markham Executive (lowest overall tournament score)
2nd place CJGA Linkster at Oakville Executive

1st place CJGA Linskster at Carrickmacross (playoff victory) 

1st Place CJGA Linskter at Bathhurst Glen +3

2nd Place CJGA Linkster Order of Merit

Technology we use
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