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Mini-Tour/League Champions program with our Director of Golf- Coach Franz (a career spanning over 3 decades of successfully coaching winners in multiple sports and in golf Junior winners, Mini-tour players and Junior to Senior Club Champions).

Get ready to surprise yourself with how much you can actually accomplish, but only if you are willing to put in the work required.

Are you being held back by:

1. No ability to take your range game to the course

2. Lack of confidence in your overall game

3. Battling nerves on the first tee, which is crippling you for the rest of the round

4. You let one bad hole derail your entire round. Coach Franz will teach you how to manage that frustration better.

5. Lack of focus on the golf course

6. Making too many simple mistakes

7. Losing control of emotions and getting angry after bad shots

8. Terrible course management and overall strategy


Limited spots available and it is only for students ready for a long-term commitment- 3 or 6 months- 8 or 15 sessions @ 90 minutes (which time will include when available one Caddy engagement -equal to 2 sessions-for a tournament )

Each player’s program is individualized/personalized and accountability is paramount.

Each student will have their own blueprint- ideally once a week

For example: 90 minutes comprehensive- 1 Lab session a month with Flightscope/ V1 pressure mat technology, HFR camera analysis with KPI focus - 1 on course session monthly-( 3 hours or as schedule permits) - with tournament reviews, stats reviews and tournament scheduling recommendations. Finally get dialled in with a proper training outline.

Titleist Performance Institute or similar physical assessment from Performance Prehab is included- and a recommendation for a strength and conditioning or mobility Coach and Performance prehab.

5 Coach’s Notes performance papers included, book recommendations and worksheets with Peak Performance Mind Coaching/Flow State coaching recommendations and cues, and goal setting/planning.

Arrcos caddie recommended for stats analysis.


Mat time-balls-simulator time- MDR range teaching fee- greens fees not included

Note: only 7 players per season.

MT/LC program

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