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Mini-Tour/League Champions/High Level Recreational Golfers program.

For adult golfers serious to improve or competing in League events or up to the mini-tour level, 90 minutes with our Director of Golf- Coach Franz.


Creating the right building blocks without the feeling of rushing through a session. Enough time to fully explore the direction you need to take and swing patterns you need to implement. This may include sessions on the golf course.

This program is spaced out over 6 months to provide adequate time to practice with check-ins via video. Ideally once a week 90 minutes comprehensive- 1 Lab session a month- 1 on course session monthly or as schedule permits.

Complimentary bio-mechanical assessment with Performance Prehab.


Mat time-balls-simulator time- MDR teaching fee-greens fees not included

90 Minute Private Lessons-MT/LC

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