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Golf is not complicated; it’s just mastering your skills to the level of score that you are hoping to achieve. We will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and then allow you to set goals and work on those skills while your practices.

All our Coaching Plans start with a TPI assessment.


'TPI screening is one of my secret weapons in performance coaching- it helps me identify limitations with my athletes, that I can fix with unique solutions '- Coach Franz​


And end with a Playing Lesson- so you learn HOW to play the game properly!


"Those who learn and practice the proper fundamentals of the golf swing, and are also taught the basics of course management, generally have the most enjoyment of golf long-term" (and score lower- Coach Franz)


CP-Option 1- TPI/ 5x50 Prvt lessons/Playing Lesson- @MEGC (green’s fee not included- 9 holes or 90 minutes coached)


CP- Option 2- TPI/ 10x50 Prvt Lessons/Playing Lesson- @MEGC (green’s fee/power cart not included- 9 holes or 90 minute coached)


Green's fee/power cart not included

Coaching Plan- Option 1 or Option 2

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