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If you want to be able to shoot lower scores, you need to be able to have an effective system for managing how far your wedges go. More specifically you need to know how far your off-speed wedges go and have a method for hitting them a consistent distance with a consistent spin.


In this lesson series, I will examine and confirm your fundamentals and then take you through all the shots with your lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and pitching wedge.


Concepts include start line, trajectory, spin and speed.


We will use launch monitor data and video to optimize your short game.


Your wedges will also be assessed to determine if they are working for you.


If you're a player who struggles with hitting your wedges consistent distances or struggles with in-between yardages, I think this lesson series will really benefit you.


Mat time-balls-simulator time- greens fees not included

Short Game- Scoring Zone

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