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TPI experts have spent more than 18 years using more than 100,000 golfers to study one thing – the Body-Swing Connection™. You will be assessed using TPI's 16 physical screens, examine the 12 major swing characteristics, and for corrections using multiple exercise protocols utilizing over 65 exercises. This enables identification of any physical limitations that may be causing your swing inefficiencies, and help you master simple solutions to get you on track.


Physical limitations cause movement inefficiencies that lead to a loss of power, swing speed and inconsistent ball striking. Poor flexibility can be very detrimental to the development of a repeatable swing that utilizes the body's full potential. If a golfer does not have the proper flexibility/mobility to complete the turn, they will often finish the swing with a bad sway to the right, a serious bend of the left arm, or other compensatory movements. Improvement of mobility and stability also helps prevent injury.


Your evaluation and assessment will be an initial 30 minutes of physical screening to assess how your body moves and supports itself in the golf swing. You will also have your swing video analysed. A written report will be emailed to you and  a follow up lesson, in person or via Skype/Zoom/Facetime will identify the corrective measures/exercise protocols you require (with video exercises viewable from iPhone, Android or Desktop). These exercises will not only allow you to improve your swing, but increases your movement ability across all sports and even with everyday chores!


This screening process is the same for you as it is for players up to and including PGA and LPGA and European Tour players. It is simple and requires no equipment on your part and is invaluable regardless of your age, currrent fitness level or golf handicap.


Group screenings are also available.

Titleist Performance Institute Body-Swing Connection

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