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At Home (2) - Golf Practice- with 2 BONUSES

We are in a 'holding pattern' of sorts for at least the next couple of weeks. Some of my friends have lost their jobs, but no one I know personally has succumbed to Covid-19 at this point. You may have been more significantly impacted and if so my prayers are with you.

To help keep you from going too stir crazy, and getting over stressed, I will keep giving away free videos and blogs to help stabilize you into this new normal.

As everyone who knows me knows that the short game- we do the 3 ball challenge every lesson with everyone- is my bread and butter! Not saying my record in the challenge is perfect, usually I try to let the student win the first time, but plus 98% would not be an exaggeration. Insert Smiley Face emoji

Why? Short game scores, plain and simple, and 60% of your game from recreation up to touring pro falls in there.

While most do not have chipping areas at home indoors- the weather is changing- almost everyone can find a piece of floor/carpet to practice putting, so that's where we will start.

Here's Bonus 1:

Grab your phone/tablet or laptop- send me an email at or text 'putting' to 647 409 9427 and I will arrange a time to link preferably via Facetime/Skype/Ovoo but I am willing to investigate any other app that you may use to watch that you are doing the drill correctly for 15 minutes.

This is FREE, and if you are a current student with a lesson package it will NOT count as part of your package!

Putting Compound Drill for upper body rocking and lower body stability. Works no matter what your putter style, grip style, or putting style.

Required: Putter, ball, small towel/t-shirt

Drill part 1. Video 1

Too many people putting with a rotational movement like a full golf swing, thereby opening and closing the face of the putter through the strike zone, making it very difficult for them to start the ball on the intended line consistently. The putting movement is often compared to a 'rocking a baby ' movement. By placing a small towel under the armpits, without the feeling of locking the biceps on to your side, very light pressure is all that is needed.

Towel Under Arms Drill

Drill part 2. Video 2

The stork has landed! By utilizing the staggered or stork stance the goal is to minimize movement in the lower body. Again if the lower body rotates like a full swing, then it is difficult to stabilize the putter face through the impact zone. I do like 60% of my weight on the front foot, some like more. Irregardless of how much you feel comfortable using, the aim is to stabilize.

Stork Stance Drill

Remember, technology allows us to still train, even while at a 'social distance' If you got this far in the blog, here is BONUS 2

All online lessons are 50% off for the foreseeable future.

I want to ensure that in this time, not only are the students that Coach Anthony or myself are working with currently, but anyone else who wants to continue to improve and not feel like they are going to be losing ground due to the virus, have an opportunity to do so.

Stay strong, stay safe, we will be back before you know it!

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