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Junior golfer and competition

Many Parents envision that once their Junior Golfer is being coached, they will automatically end up on the PGA Tour.

However, sometimes that is not the goal of the Junior! They may just want to have fun.

That does not mean their goal will not change when they start to see improvements in their abilities and scores.

Golf after all, touted as the most difficult game ever, is supposed to be fun.

But , everything in life worth attaining will take work. The question of course is how much work. Well....., that depends. How fast you improve has a direct correlation to the quality of work you do.

"Practice makes perfect" is one of the most quoted and wrong adages. It should be "Perfect practice make Perfect". Quality , quality, quality.

There still is a base amount of quantity however. Each Junior with their Coach must map out any extras outside of some of the basics highlighted below.

The practice framework for any Junior wanting to do any competing for me will be built around, short game (wedges, green side bunker, putting)being 2/3 of practice time. Putting should always have a specific goal every session. For my 13 year old Juniors for example always putting 50-3 foot putts every practice session.

Here are a few more insights into my head space as a coach:

Practice your short game with the same type golf balls with which you normally play. Do not use range balls to chip and putt.

Integrate competitions with a friend into your short game routine, to make practice fun and helps you focus.

When you practice your chipping, pitching, and bunker play, always practice from both good and bad lies around the green. Consider how many times during a round you will draw a “less than ideal” lie on one of these shots.

Always create challenging shots and work hard to master them.

Attempt to hole out as many shots as possible around the green, the first goal being three shots from off the green.

Remember, assessments and analysis are critical to gauge improvement, score should not be the only factor!

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