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Simply put : Keep it simple

Too many people are now trying to copy tour players' swings with the hope of driving the golf ball 300 yards.

I am never against distance, but the sacrifice should never be fairways missed!

The golf swing done right, Adam Scott for example, is poetry in motion. Doesn't mean it cannot be criticized, but without even being a student of the game, you can appreciate what you are looking at.

There are many moving parts: Shoulders turning, Legs losing/gaining flexion, Hips dropping and raising as well as shifting and rotating, Left arm abducting and adducing as well as raising and lowering, Spine goes through flexion, extension, rotation and side bend, and this is constantly changing through the swing, Scapula protracting and retracting, Left arm straightening and bending subtly, Forearm rotating (suppuration and pro nation), Wrists move into flexion and extension, as well as going through ulnar and radial deviation.

Simplified it is a rotational bi-lateral movement, where the ball is not struck as much as it simply gets in the way. The more movements introduced in the swing, the more opportunities for something to go wrong. The more thought applied during the golf swing, the easier to mess it all up.

The hardest game to master? I think so, and with my background in competition and coaching in multiple disciplines, I think I have a first hand view to agree.

So asks the new student, what should I focus on? Always, the fundamentals start with Grip, Posture and Alignment. I have always said, maybe correctly, that 80% of bad shots come from a bad set-up. Always work on these 3 simple things while practicing. Add in tempo and and on plane swing and you are on the right path to play well!

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