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Warm up for improvement

So often when I go to play a round of golf I see golfers arrive , just in time to tee off and they pull out the driver! (Tin Cup- "let the big dog hunt!')

And too often there goes another hook or slice. Those aches and pains at the end of the round probably wasn't bending the elbow on the 19th hole, it was probably from the tee off.

Should we really take the time to warm up properly or should we just belt one out there? What if you are a recreational golfer who really does not care about scoring?

For everyone there are benefits.

Prepare your body and mind to play- prevent injuries, we know those, but will you improve and lower scores inquiring minds want to know.

A resounding yes!

Check this out:

In a study where a warmup and conditioning program was performed by golfers for 7 weeks (4-5 x week). Golf club head speed was measured to track changes.The warm up consisted of 4 exercises to raise body temp,9 stretches and 30 seconds of air swings with the golf club.

Golf Head Speed increased by 24% – that’s a decrease in handicap of about 7 shots!

(Fradkin et al. 2004 British Journal of Sports Medicine)

Wow! - Need I say more?

I have seen exhaustive studies, seminar evidence that shows an even higher correlation between warm-up and club head speed. But let us err on the side of ONLY 10% increase in club head speed and it didn't cost you $600 for the latest driver promising 10 more yards. You be the judge, jury, and now go execute!

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