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Playing your best

It is again that time of the year in Ontario, summer is returning slowly, but golf courses are open! Hopefully you took the time to do some off season practice, maybe even got some coaching, and maybe you even took a playing lesson over the last couple of weeks. SO, on your mark, get set, go! Off to lower your score, maybe finally breaking 100, or 90, or 80.

Everyone knows golf is a game of ups and downs, and you have to maintain your equilibrium within a round and from round to round.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get your range game to the course:

Driver or long iron tip:

Pick an intermediate target maybe 3 to 6 feet between you and where you would like the ball to end up. It could be a leaf, a darker area on the teeing ground, a tee left in by someone else. It is much easier to line up to your target through an intermediate aim point, and then your focus is really just starting your ball over that target.

Iron Tip:

If you are between clubs you have 3 options.

Choke down on the club, take a shorter backswing, or swing with a slower smoother follow through. You may elect to use one or a combination of 2 of these suggestions.

Wedges Tip:

When pitching/chipping on to the green. Choose a landing spot. Sometimes it could be simply getting it past the first cut/fringe, sometimes its a landing spot a certain distance from the hole like a ridge that you want the ball to roll down off of. Just simply aiming towards the hole does not take into account breaks, green speed, grass direction to name a few things.

I know these will help you to play well!

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