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Address; Is it important? - Yes!

The ball stays on the club face approximately 1/50th of the blink of an eye, so everything that deals with striking a golf ball obviously must be addressed (pun intended).

I coach my juniors to start to develop a pre-shot routine from an early stage as it calms the urge to rush to make a shot when in competition, and produces consistency in shot making. However, everyone can benefit from a pre- shot routine , especially how you address the ball to ensure that the club face will be square at address always. Many times a hook or slice is produced comes from an incorrect set up or address position.

Here are 3 simple guidelines:

Start from behind the ball. It gives you the best view of your target line. Walk along the target line as you approach the ball.

Aim your club-face first. Once you have your club face aligned properly behind the ball you can settle in your feet and your shoulders so they are parallel with the target line. Too many people try to aim their shoulders or feet first, maybe not thinking the ball is on a parallel line.

Keep it simple!- In the above picture, I have Mr. No.1, my son, 'exaggerating' the impact position. As I keep saying, if you hit thousands of balls a month then ball position, arm and correlative shaft lean are for you. Otherwise, keep the hands and the ball in the center of your stance at address to ensure the correct ball contact position at impact, except of course the driver and woods ball position.

Play well!

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