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Post-performance Analysis

An Example of Stats analysis with my chicken scratch-writing!

So the competitive tournament season has commenced for some, or charity/work tournament season for others.

And so... you didn't do as well as planned or expected.....

And so... you wonder will you ever get better!

All shots and rounds can teach us something to help us improve if we look at them the right way! For everyone who has ever taken a golf lesson from me, you know I am going to say it again , 'it's not about the last shot, it's about the next one'.

You can easily review your round this way:

1. Things that were good.

2, Things you could have done better,

3, How to make it better.

Create an action plan to give you a definitive solution to the problem. Don't just say train harder, be specific.


Driving was great – 15 of 18 fairways

Ball striking was superb


Wedges from 80 yards and 12 3 putts


Short game practice this week will focus on 80 yard pitches and lag putting.

Every Golfer I track I provide Stats analysis for from the round. You should start to do a simple version of this for yourself. Include fairways hit, greens in regulation and number of putts per hole.

Remember improvement does not come from wishing for it, it needs us to be analytical, while not being critical!

Play well!

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