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Pride in performance at Golf and Performance

Winners August 27th, 2017- Coach Franz and Darien

(Tied Low Score Team- 2 over par)

Darien WINNER Junior Closest to the PIN 10-14 years

Unfortunately golf season is winding down as the cool and earlier nights can attest!

This year we had some good results at all levels, which included the 2017 RBC Canadian Open involving Darien and Nathan. Nathan got his feet wet so to speak at the GAO Puschlink Tournament and I expect to see some serious strides next year for him!

Jalen (on the right) had both a 2nd and 3rd in tournaments

Darien in 2017 moved from the overall 2016 Future Links Skills Events 1st Place to Chipping 1st place in 2017.

Many of the new juniors saw firsts- including really improving on Driving distances, and making longer putts, proving once again, Proper Practice Makes Perfect!

Our young Junior Girls are really improving rapidly and I expect to see really good things for them next year, especially with utilizing Flightscope radar!

As a Coach, not only am I proud to see sporting accomplishments, but also love to see when Juniors are becoming more mature through the applications of life lessons eschewed by Golf Canada and the Future Links Driven by Acura program.

There were several assessments and Junior On Course Playing Lessons this year and not even enough of them it seemed- more skills will be upcoming in the winter training season.

Not to be forgotten, Coach Emeritus Anthony visited with us briefly, but his sessions and insight are always appreciated. (I believe with not much arm twisting he will return as a permanent fixture)

Remember, there must always be balance in sport and life!

Simple things like improved confidence in speech and deportment are such a joy to see for me, and I know the Parents of the Junior Golfers.

I believe there is one more tournament on the horizon for 2017 for the older Juniors, but it was a nice day today that I was able to spend with Junior Golfers and Parents and with Darien, and end up getting the Low Score tie, and him winning closest to the pin in his age group. The playing partners we had made the round such a pleasure and the Junior was so well mannered and engaged it was refreshing to see.

Parents please, enjoy the game for the rest of the outdoor season that we do have with your Junior.

Thanks so much for your continued support in the Coaching Programs and Golf Canada Principles that we stand by, and as always, play well!

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