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Co-relation between the arms and the body

The work that goes into golf analysis to create as close to perfection as possible to result in consistency of ball striking and additional yardages to get scores lower. So tiresome! Why can't we just wack the silly ball and get it to listen when we talk to it!

I coach, keep it simple. But I know my mind likes to analyse. So for those of you who like to ask a lot of questions, let me put you through a little mental gymnastics this morning.

In a golf swing there are 3 forces created by the lower body- sheer force(side to side movement), rotary force(rotation between heels and toes) and vertical force (upward movement). Every golfer uses all 3 to varying degrees- the overall effect we sometimes call ground rebounding force. Very difficult only using your arms and separate from these forces and still create power and distance and consistency in ball striking.

There must be a coordinated movement with the body (the so-called engine ) and the arms (think of them as the pistons) in a golf swing. It all starts at set-up. Often stated that 80% of a bad shot results from set-up. I would extrapolate that to also say that the first 6 inches of the take-away results in 80% of a bad shot!"

"Force precedes motion" is an immutable law, because when motion precedes force we are back to the arms swinging before the body is engaged.

So much has to happen in your golf swing to end in a consistent result. That is why the minimal amount of movement and stages in a swing results in more consistency.

Learning the right sequencing and practicing it, often goes against what you may do in other sports, but the logic behind the golf sequence is irrefutable. The correct sequencing? Simply put, the upper body starts the back swing(with the applicable ground force) and the lower body starts the forward swing (with the applicable ground force)

Many students want to do it their way. If their way works, I am all for it. Many students come to a golf lesson, with Golf Channel and You Tube thoughts driving how they swing. Again I am neither for or against it, if, big if, there is a basis in the body's bio-mechanical movement, and basic physics applied to a golf ball. It is that simple. There is no secret.

The good news - if any person is willing to learn- it can be taught! It can be learned. It can be 'perfected'.

Practice does not make perfect- Perfect practice makes perfect.

Living in Canada offers a unique advantage - winter!

Everyone knows I am not a fan of cold and dark, but that I also look for silver linings. Because we are forced indoors and we have to take a break in playing, focus can be placed on getting things right. creating muscle memory- which is de-facto increasing mylar sheathing around our neurological pathways (21 days to create a habit and all that!)

Where do you want to be in six months is not just a flashy heading on this website. Take advantage of the upcoming 'indoor golf season' to head out in the 2018 summer golf season to play well!

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