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Welcome to your best golf year!

The New Year is here!

Resolutions abound.

Yes, we know people set and break them within the first week, but let us be positive. And to start, have you set any goals for your golf game in 2018?

Some goals could be:

- I will not be afraid to pull out my driver

- I'm going to work hard on becoming a more consistent iron player

- I will get better around the greens

- I will increase the number of fairways hit off the tee

- I will stop 3 putting all together

- I will finally break...

After you decide on what is the most urgent part of your game that requires attention, establish what you will actually need to do consistently to achieve your goals. Get yourself a blueprint for 2018.

Of one thing you can be absolutely certain, the Golf and Performance team is committed to helping you achieve your best golf year ever!

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