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#AskCoachFranz - 7 - [how to control the golf ball]

Question: I am trying to learn how to draw and fade the ball, and I must admit I am getting inconsistent results. My friends keep telling me how they do it and they each have their own methods, which confuses me even more.

Answer: Great question, but let me ask you one first. If you had a cut on your hand that was bleeding a lot, would you go to a mechanic to have him 'fix' you? Probably not. You would want someone with medical knowledge and experience.

As I have said many times, well meaning friends or youtube videos may offer what works for that particular individual, but generally proper advice from a professional is usually the better way to go.

Ultimately, with all the swing mechanics/instruction you receive, you have to get control of your club face.

There are three places where you do this;

1. At address by way of a proper grip

2. In your backswing by way of a flat wrist

3. If one and two are correct we should not have a problem in the downswing. Return the club to where it started.

When you are learning about curving the ball you will hear more about club path. You can have a horrendous club path but still manage to manipulate the club face, open or close, to produce the result you are looking for. You just have to have incredible timing.

Path and face have to work together to make it easier to repeat the process. If you have this basic understanding of why a ball flies the way it does, it makes it easier when learning from a teaching professional how to do it.

Going back to what I said earlier, we start with your address position, open or closed. Establish the path we want the club to be moving along, inside or out, take our regular swing along that line and if you check your club face at impact, you should see that you are starting the ball along an inside path for a fade or outside path for a draw. How much fade or draw will depend on how open or closed the club face is to the club path.

TIP/DRILL for Draw: Backfoot Drill

1. Start in your normal stance.

2. Pull your back foot (right foot for a right-handed golfer) so that your toe is in line with your front heel.

3. Make practice swings to feel the arms coming down closer to your body on the downswing.

4. Start by doing this exercise in slow motion. Feel how your hips initiate the movement towards the target and the shoulders and arms follow.

5. Pick up the pace until you can swing at normal speed.

This Closed Stance Drill is a great exercise you can do in slow-motion with practice swings to feel how your arms come closer to you on the downswing instead of out away from you.

I hope that helps. It is easier to demonstrate than to write, so give us a call!

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