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The starting point

So you saw the return of Tiger Woods and decided with all the hoopla to get started playing golf and while you are at it, get the kids and spouse involved too.

And because Christmas is around the corner, you think its the right time to ask for a set of golf clubs so you can look spiffy out there!

Kudos to you and your new found love! Then after a few frustrating rounds, (make that 1/4 rounds) at the club with your friends where you assume everyone is watching your dismal attempts, the shiny new best clubs ever made find their way to the back of your garage or closet, and now you tell your friends you used to play golf.

Maybe, just maybe, why not look another approach. A used set of clubs that your golf coach, who?, yes I said it, the coach, has loaned you to take a few introductory lessons to see if you really like it, then for a fitting, no not for golf outfits, but for clubs, yes they have that.... whew, now to the store equipped with the right information and the foundation of a proper golf swing so you do NOT injure yourself, or your playing partners, and you can actually have some, wait for it, wait for!

Yes the game is supposed to be fun if you have the right method and attitude.

Of all the sports I have competed in or coached, golf and squash are the two that lessons, are paramount to get a good foundation, otherwise in both you will be limited in certain basic things that you need to do.

So the order:

1. Take lessons

2. Get fitted a few months after so you know what your swing looks like or will be developing as

3. Now buy a set of mid-priced clubs that suit you and you can now start to have fun!

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