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The who, the what, the why of the golf swing

We have all heard the following or similar words, "The purpose of the golf swing is to hit the golf ball solidly; The method employed is of no consequence, as long as it can be repeated" (with proper results!).

Pondering those words, you must break your wrist early in a bunker shot, you must keep your dominant eye over the ball on a putt, you must be in an athletic stance, etc., etc., etc., (insert 1,000 more words).

“What I have endeavored to do with my son is to build a constant, repetitive swing to minimize injuries, create consistency of results and with an eye on competition - that his swing will not break down under duress. I advocate the good old Ben Hogan on plane swing.”

As popular legend has it, Jim Furyk’s father took him to a potential golf coach who said, “Don’t worry, I will fix him”, and ”He will never have a future as a pro golfer with that swing”, and history has proven who was wrong!

If you go to get analysed, be prepared for the truth, for it may not be pleasant. But also, frame it within who are you, what you are trying to accomplish, and simply why you are playing golf.

As my Dad always says about his fellow south Floridians , retired and north of 70, ”They may not have anything resembling a correct swing, but they will kill you with accuracy!” And because some of them have been playing since Qwaakie was a bwoy (Jamaican reference), “They have unbelievable touch around the greens.”

One thing I have always loved about the game of golf is that you can be on the course the day before you leave this big ball, or you can be 3 years old swinging a plastic club and have the time of your life in both instances and every other category in between!

I do not believe the goal of a coach is to produce carbon copies, using track-man and the like as we are all not constructed the same. Tech has its place, but should never and will never replace the skill garnered from playing.

Examine why you play: Are you having fun playing or is it a drag to waste 4 hours, money, patience, and $5.50 balls (but looking good while doing it)?

I do not believe any one individual can have all the answers, but it may be an engaging and rewarding experience to find out.

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