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#AskCoachFranz - 8 - [proper investing]

Question: Hi Coach Franz, I recently saw a poll on Twitter asking golfers where they would invest $1000 in their game – towards lessons or equipment? The results:

76% towards lessons and 24% towards buying equipment.

What would you advise? I shoot 86 semi-regularly and have been playing for 7 years. Thanks!


Answer: Simply put, I endorse the thought process that the poll suggests. Not because it is self serving as a coach to increase revenue to the company, but primarily because no equipment will fix fundamental flaws in a player’s swing.

Yes, the golf swing is the primary driving force (no pun intended) behind your golf game, and yes, properly fitted new clubs can reduce the number of errant shots. But the ways to score lower also include course management strategies, the mental aspect and proper practice. How often have you seen someone with the latest equipment and they can't play? Or someone with ancient Kijiji bought golf clubs who has great contact and an exceptional short game?

Let's face it, golf is an expensive game; Green's fees, club dues, driving range, balls and accessories etc. The newest equipment seems to arrive every 5 months, so while it can be tempting, as soon as you buy it its already old news anyways!

As I have always said to students, no one who is a real golfer really cares what you have, they will only try to find out what you score. As I have also always said, if you are serious about improving and changing things in your golf swing, that process will affect the equipment you consider purchasing. Fix flaws first, purchase equipment to complement or refine your game after. Of course it goes without saying, learn from someone who has the knowledge, and then put into practice what they are teaching.

This game you and I love and enjoy is one of the hardest on the planet, so it makes sense to have a proper plan for improvement.

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