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Junior Golf for YOUR Junior

Many Parents envision, or believe, that once their Junior Golfer is being coached, they will automatically end up on the PGA/LPGA Tour.

Many times that is not the goal of the Junior! They may just want to have

fun while learning basic skills.

Goals may change, or they may not change!

To begin with, get your junior involved in a program with a definite pathway, clear benchmarks for success, and with a coaching system that involves a lot of FUN! The US Kids Golf Program provides this!

Golf is a game, and it is supposed to be fun. If your junior is at an advanced level, or wants to be in an advanced program then you can decide if our Junior Competitive Skills Development Program is a good fit for them.

Get the new decade 2020 started on the right footing for your golfing junior. Schedule a meeting with our Director of Instruction Coach Franz- 647- 409-9427 or email Claire at for registration information.

Have a great Christmas Holiday season- Have lots of FUN!!!

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