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Are in the right mindset and physical state to be playing golf?

The right mindset is important in everything for success in life!

My previous blog ELA started to address how emotions can be properly used in a golf shot.

But obviously, there is a relationship between the mind and the body. No matter what level of player you are, you will benefit when there is balance between the two.

When playing you first need to reduce your stress levels. One easy way, is to lower your expectations on your score. You probably have heard of Tour players who never look at the leader board. Makes sense when you think about the fact that you are playing the golf course. Focus on playing each hole, and when that hole is over, forget about it. Even when it was a good result like an Eagle, too much excitement ramping up your adrenaline can now put your next drive off the tee out of bounds.

Focus on your tempo in warm up and while playing. It is one of the easiest ways to help calm the mind. Your swing technique cannot be a focus in a round of golf unless something is horribly wrong. Often the mechanics fail because you become rushed. Budget the proper time to get to the course and warm up methodically. Think about it as a pre-game routine, which exists in every sport. I am not suggesting the you don't wash your lucky socks, that one we can do without!

Remember to hydrate and eat properly and in a timely fashion before and during a round of golf. No, in case you wondered, Beer and nachos is not the new super food your mind and body crave for optimal performance!

This is summer in Toronto, take every opportunity to get on the golf course have fun  and as always play well!


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