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Compliance for 2019

Create the plan, be compliant!

2019 is almost here, and if you are going to succeed in reaching your goals in being coached, you need to understand the factors that create failure. Not a comfortable/cozy/feel good topic, but if you spend the money and hours you do with a Coach, then you need to be open and honest with yourself.

This article is only for Members, beacause when someone takes the time to sign up for additional/advanced information, it usually indicates they are at the next level of wanting to achieve.

When you sit down with our Coaching Team for an evaluation and goal setting for the upcoming season, you will work out a plan based on your pre-determined goals- break 80/drive 300 yards/play a bogey free round/win a tournament, beat your friends etc. etc. It is in everyone's best interest for you to achieve the goals or as close to the goals as humanly possible. Lack of success leads to frustration, not elation!

Everyone coached by me personally knows that I think too many coaches blame the student for the lack of progress, and that I am always seeking new methods to impart to students for achievement. For the purpose of this article though, let us assume that the program is correct and sound.

One of the most common factors which leads to failure is client compliance. Wow, I said something 'taboo'. Honest? Yes- addressed no. Often glossed over to not rock the boat and to keep the client happy and paying! Now what I am saying here does not only apply to competition minded clients, its to everyone at their respective level. A client who is non-compliant to the plan that is prescribed for them, has little chance of achieving success, just as if you go to the doctor who prescribes medicine, but you don't take it. This is not a 'lets beat up on the client' type of article, this is more of a wake up call, let's get the job done for you, kind of article, as that is what a coach's job is.

Sure its nice to have a perpetual client and constant revenue stream. I have always believed though that success will always increase your revenue and provide a wider base of clients to coach, and that people are genuinely looking for honesty.

Every time a client comes to class I ask- did you practice since last time or did you do your homework. Now, my goal is not to make people feel bad or uncomfortable. Students know I really don't have to ask as I will see it within the first few golf swings. It is really more of a gentle reminder. We are on the improvement journey together, we as your coaches are heavily vested in your success, so we need to be on the same page.

As Martin Hall always says (paraphrased a bit)"if you keep on doing what you have been doing you will always have what you have- make the commitment, make the change!"

Remember too, when on a coaching plan, don’t let others determine your mindset, you have to manage outside influences. Most of the advice people give is well-intentioned, but as we all know, not always well informed.

Set boundaries with your golf partners. Let them know that you are taking lessons from a golf professional and that to avoid confusion, you would rather not hear other advice that may be conflicting. They can always give you positive words of encouragement.

YOU take authority over YOUR game for 2019!

It has been a GREAT 2018, and Golf and Performance along with our Support Partners are looking forward to an even greater NEXT LEVEL 2019!


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