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Greenside Bunker Basics

Use the sand to push the ball out

1.Set up with a slightly open clubface to add loft and use the bounce of your club. Have the grip and shaft in a negative shaft lean and and the ball should be positioned left of center.

2. Dig your feet in to determine the type/texture of the sand.and to establish a solid footing with more knee-flex than your regular stance.

3. Hit behind the ball to allow the sand to splash the shot on to the green. The sand will get the ball out of the bunker.

4. Follow through to a full finish.

The length and speed of the swing will usually be greater than a shot equal in distance from the grass.

FOR PRACTICE: Draw a small circle around a golf ball (about the size of a cookie) and practice trying to hit out the same amount of sand each time without the ball.

FOR STRENGTH: Doing squats with an inverted kettle bell can help you increase your lower body, core, and forearm strength so that you can maintain your knees flexed throughout the shot and, so you can power the wedge through the sand.

Do not be afraid of the sand. Sometimes the best entry point into a green to attack a flagstick is from the bunker. To become a better player you must practice from the bunker.

See your G and P coach for drills to improve your bunker play!


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