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Pre-Shot Steps

Putting pre-shot routine

A pre-shot routine has several benefits- calming you, taking your mind out of the equation, putting you into execution/acceptance mode etc.

Here are 6 steps before every shot that will serve you well. Feel free to add or subtract, but use the SAME for every shot you take.

1. Choose your final target.  Be as specific as you can.  Instead of choosing the green choose a patch of grass on the green that stands out.

2. Choose an intermediate target.  Three to five feet in front of your ball find a blade of grass, speck of dirt, or something else that lines up with your final target.

4. Line up your club with your intermediate target.

3. Line up your hips and shoulders so that they are parallel with your target line.

4.Take one final look at your target visualizing your shot.

5. Take a final look at your landing spot/target.

6. Empty your mind as you make your swing.

Throughout your process be aware of the rate and level of your breathing. As we manage the breath, we manage the mind. As we manage the mind, we manage the body.  As we breathe in very deliberate, conscious, and mindful ways, we manage both body and mind.

If you want to become a more consistent player it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL that you work through your Pre-Shot Routine before every single shot. 

Practice this even on the driving range!


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