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To glove or not to glove

As we all know, a huge part of golf is looking good. When we look good, our psyche elevates naturally, so we expect our performance to also improve, at least until we get to the first tee!

While gloves are really about function, with the advent of colors and to a degree styling, some believe it has now become a fashion accessory. Bearing in mind that our hands are our only connection to the clubs, just like our car tires are our only connection to the road, gloves must serve a higher purpose.

Jack Nicklaus wore a glove for every shot including putting, while Tom Watson never wore one, who was right? Each was right for himself!

Wearing gloves in rainy , humid weather are a no brainier, otherwise you may be chasing your club down the fairway as it is flung from your hands! But for regular play consider just a few points.

A glove allows lighter grip pressure, allowing a more relaxed swing.

A glove reduces oil and dirt residue transfer from our hand, resulting in longer lasting grips.

But, a glove can reduce feel. Some players may like the feel of no glove on wedge shots, I don't, but most agree remove the glove for putting, I do.

Living in Canada, I like to wear gloves on both hands when the weather is not the warmest, and I opt for very thin thermal golf gloves, so my grip and feel are not altered. In golf, more money spent, generally buys you thinner which is advantageous.

What type of glove you buy really is about what feels good to you, but I suggest once you try cabaret leather, you will not want any other! Synthetic will be cheaper, but you just can't beat the feel. And be aware, there are different qualities of cabaret.

Whatever you decide, whatever style or color suits your fancy, remember, if the glove does not enhance your golf game, then save your money, you won't wear it anyway, it is now only a fashion accessory.

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