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Lowering your score

So you have finally bitten the bullet and decided after years of not improving, to take the dreaded L word, lessons. Let's finally focus on building a better swing, so that scores will finally come down. Of course, that makes sense, as even the top professionals have a swing coach.

Usually after a series of lessons, I will suggest to players that they need to put the newly learned swing into action and enjoy a few rounds with their friends. Let things settle/cement while playing. Then perhaps they can come back for a swing tune-up. Usually that works well. and for more avid players an on course playing lesson.

Why expend extra money? Can't you figure it out? Of course, with more experienced players in your group helping you, that can make a world of difference. However a person's golf course management skills may be limited to, or based on, their actual playing ability, their choice of clubs, their preference of distances into the pin, and the list goes on.

Most people believe if they can only master their swing, they can score lower by just keep on playing, but it also makes sense to tighten up your golf course management skills in order to maximize your scoring ability.

If you understand the basics of good course management and how much it affects your game, you may realize that your swing is already good enough to reach most of your golfing goals.

A playing lesson should help your game, lower your scores, with at least the basics of proper course management. It is not asking your coach to play a round of golf with you and give you advice!

A few quick insights:

Course management is NOT what you do to get out of deep trouble.

It comes into play on every shot with some shots being more important than others, and many decisions per hole come into play.

It IS your ability to play the golf course the way it was designed by the architect, avoiding the trouble and placing each shot in the best position to hit the next shot.

Proper planning BEFORE you tee off can save you a lot of time on course, and ensure that most of your round you are enjoying the results!

And by the way, you do not have to play the course the same way each time. Part of the fun is discovering different ways you can play the same golf course, now testing your skill level and your new swing!

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