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Quick Tips : 2

I hope everyone has been having a great summer of golf! However you have been playing, I hope you remember to keep on smiling and having fun!

Anyone who has seen me coaching competitive Juniors or lower handicap players at a range will see me head off to the extreme right or left of the range to have them practice un even and side hill lies, as those happen often in golf.

Remember golf courses are not flat, so find places at your practice facility to emulate different lies.

Quick tips #2


The key is getting your ball back into a good position, do not try to over do the shot.

Ball is above your feet:

  • Choke down. The ball will be closer to your body and effectively make your club longer.

  • Aim right. Your swing plane will naturally flatten out and the club face will have a tendency to over rotate - causing the a low draw shot with more than usual roll out.

Ball is below your feet:

  • Choke up. The ball will be further away from your body and effectively make the club shorter, so choke up to the end of the grip.

  • Aim left. Your swing plane will naturally become steeper, and the club face will have a tendency to under rotate - causing a high fade with less roll out.

Always use a controlled 3/4 swing in these situations and play well!

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