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Quick Tips : 10 [wet, rough choices]

Seen as we're almost into winter, most courses close this weekend (Nov 10 - 12), but you may be itching to squeeze in one last round, a last hurrah, before turning to indoor training. Guaranteed? The courses won't be dry.

When the grass gets wet, the rough is even more challenging, and you should have one simple goal in mind; Get it back into the fairway. The usual choices of hybrid can get caught and twisted easily, so hit down on that ball with a short iron or wedge and get out of there.

Chipping when its wet often makes a player chunk it, so play the ball back in your stance, keeping your hands ahead of the ball through impact. The good side is, with wet conditions, the ball may check rather quickly and you can be a little more aggressive in your choice of landing spot on the green. You may be surprised to find your short game seems really sharp and if your drives are in the fairway, you may end the season with one of your lowest scores.

Try these tips, and as you say "Sayonara" to the courses, play well!

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